El Rojo Stinger

Buzzing About Four Corners Brewing

On May 3, 2014 the Salvation Army of Dallas-Fort Wort held its first annual Most Good Race in Trinity Groves. Each runner would brave a 5k obstacle course to support charity. The parking lot of Four Corners Brewing Co was full. A celebration of 125 years in community service was underway!

Inside the brewery was much quieter. This first Saturday of May was also the 3rd annual NTHBA brewday at the brewery. We celebrated National Homebrew Day by running the pilot system as a test batch. The brewing process was also a demonstration for the public. Supporting craft beer and the community Four Corners has invited the North Texas Homebrewers Association (NTHBA) each year. This year we brewed while managing a growing crowd of exhausted runners. The brewery's trademark "all day ales" was put to test in the taproom. Their flagship ale the Local Buzz made with rye and honey proved to be all day refreshment. Judging from the crowd most people's pints were golden. Another favorite was the Block Party Porter a medium body dark beer with notes of chocolate. The "Worker Bee" is my new found wonders. The beer is a blend from the taps consisting of 50% Block Party Porter topped with an equal 50% of Local Buzz. Buzzing about the Dallas news the "Worker Bee" is gaining popular vote.

My vote goes to the brewery and its staff for rolling out the red carpet entrusting commercial equipment to a group of talented homebrewers. I'd like to think craft is inspired in small batches ever before it goes professional. While we brewed founder SP chatted of his homebrewing as inspiration for a red American Amber. The brewery's Red Roja has an unmistakable history.

Team NTHBA set forth a small milestone. The audience was captured. The crowd increased. We milled grain, set the mash, and boiled wort with hops. Once the wort was transfered and the equipment cleaned we left exhausted. Share takers filled carboys then headed home for fermentation. The team at Four Corners prepared a batch for serving in the taproom. The beer is a Tamarind inspiration with Habanero. I've labeled it "El Rojo Stinger" -not to be confused with the El Super Bee (a.k.a. the Local Buzz on steroids fermented with Saison yeast).

National Homebrew Day Four Corners

CH is the creative behind this recipe. The Tamarind addition introduces the palette to a tangy romance of chutney. The spice presence can be adjusted; the heat can go as far as you can bare. CH suggests making Habanero tea by boiling peppers in water then adding to the beer while kegging -more pepper for increasing sting.

CH's Tamarind Habanero Beer: El Rojo Stinger
Brew Eff: 85% | OG: 1.061 | 28 IBUs | Fermented with yeast

61% | Pale Two-Row
18% | Wheat
11% | Munich
10% | Crystal 80
75-Min Convert | 150F

60-Min Boil | Columbus Hops
10-Min Boil | Tamarind Paste
10-Min Boil | Coriander Seed
Flame Out | Cascade Hops

Striking el Rojo Stinger
Milling Grains
Mashing el Rojo Stinger
Wort Boiling

What is your favorite Spice, Herb, or Fruit beer?

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Photos by Casey
Many thanks to all who helped!

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