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This weekend I was almost trampled by Buffalo JL at the 28th Bluebonnet Brew-off Awards Ceremony. I’d won 1st Place in Sour Ale with a Black Cherry Kriek. Greeted with the most gigantic hug ever was priceless! JL is a hoot and awesome brewer!

Wining anything from the nation’s largest single site home brew competition can be daunting. I am humbled. My one award is a penny in comparison to great brewers with multiple awards. When it comes to sour ale my journey will forever honor SF at for my first ever sour beer experience. Thanks for sharing your awesome sours!

The ladies and gents of my club are also proud. North Texas Home Brewers Association took home Bluebonnet Club of the Year as well as The People’s Choice Award for best beers served during the glass evaluation. Moreover I am excited to see CH walk away with two awards the first for a Kolsch and the second for a Golden Sour. Watching his brewing take down giants has been fun. This excitement is mutual.

The Bluebonnet Brew-off is also a technical conference. This year speaker Gary Glass from The American Home Brewers Association spoke on homebrewing laws. The talk included federal and state legislation how laws are passed and how they affect be home brewer. Gary gave a quick list on what is legal in Texas and what is not. The Bluebonnet entered the year with some legal challenges. The competition while educational and non-profit needed to be sanctioned by the state alcohol and beverage commission. Steve Westrom led this charge with success. Home brewers could enter their beers for evaluation without fear of violation.

Keynote speaker Eric Warren of Karbach Brewing gave a historical overview of craft beer culture. He predicts the culture will become increasingly more local. He also predicts the industry will focus on more balanced flavorful beers. On Saturday the technical sessions were followed by pub tour. I skipped the tour for a panel discussion. Five leading North Texas breweries were represented Cedar Creek, Lakewood, Rabbit Hole, Revolver, and Rahr & Sons. Home brewers received technical advice from commercial brew masters. I found the discussion very informative. Topics included starting a brewery, water analysis, yeast management, recipe scaling, dry hopping, and brewery operations. Home brewers are encouraged to seek formal education and make the switch to professional brewing. The dreams of working wort for a living equates to a full time commitment to running a successful business.

Awards Ceremony

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Awards Ceremony Photo by Marina
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  1. Bravo!

    Your beers are better than anything that is being brewed in my town...

  2. awesome! congrats!