Lucky Leprechaun

Bottling Home Brew

In the wee hours of the morning AT snapped this photo of me bottling home brew. This morning would change my life in more ways than one. This was October 2012 the weekend my daughter returned to Alabama. My small house of beer would revert back to the silent cave you read of today. Like a Leprechaun on St Patrick's day I'd emerge to chase rainbows and store treasures. The beer made for competition are my treasure. The passion for brewing rages like a flame. I ponder brewing professionally as a business. I am equipping for the journey. I find the market part-talent part-force where much investment is required. The year of 2013 nearly wrecked me. I've been lucky my brews are gathering a small bounty of awards. Outside of the beer world these ribbons, glasses, plates, and medals are meaningless. However, for the barefooted home-brewer talented of limited resources they read job well done! Success happens one step at a time validation is worth it's weight in gold. Merging across this rainbow I brew beer and write these letters. The green weekend begins tomorrow my sister AT has returned to keep me busy. She insists on celebration. I'm not a fan of green beer but the experience will be priceless.

Keep Calm & Brew On
Domras Cup Award

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Keep Calm and Brew On*
2013 Brewer Royale

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