Beer Judging Batman

2014 Midwinter Awards

Awards for the 2014 Midwinter Homebrew Competition have arrived by snail mail. It feels good to receive something other than bills. I was not expecting these! Given the nature of homebrew competition I suspect there were a lot of hands involved for Midwinter. Homebrew competitions don't just magically happen many volunteers are involved and many unpaid hours. We are in the midst of judging the 28th National Bluebonnet Brew-Off. All clubs in my region are busy. This weekend I had the honor of judging alongside Nationally ranked BJCP judges as far as Shreveport Louisiana. This weekend was for the die-hard fans of beer. We embarked on the task facing another cold front. The Dallas metropolis is covered in ice as I write. If you have ever wondered what it's like to judge beer imagine spending hours with your nose in a glass. Rise only to scribe notes then return lips to glass in a search for flavor the task can be daunting. At some point JD the 2014 Bluebonnet Director cued up the 1989 Nicholson & Keaton version of Batman. The crowd found new vigor with the back drop of Gotham City even beer geeks are superheros. Here are a couple of action shots.

Beer Judging Batman
Nose In Glass
Cheers Buddy

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