Quest for Beer

SMaSH Beer Building

Somewhere along this quest I found people -or should I say misfits of like minds. The point became very apparent "this is not about beer!" ..not about capability, defiance, or my own delusions. The opportunity is about living with purpose seeking ones passion and simply just being. The quest for me is re-birthing faith. I find I am less productive and just a wreck outside of community. The current apparatus is brewing beer before now I was into audiophilia, vinyl, roasting coffee, and just plain working. However, I have a low alcohol tolerance and would rather not practice drunkenness. The fear is a regard for holiness. The connection is thin but one must draw the line, tap-out at some point. Integrity is on the line, dignity and long-term addiction. I digressed -back to the sense of community. I make beer and because I can. The obsession consumes my thoughts. I seek self control. I have cut back the desire to brew. I am learning the community is greater than its product. A sense of belonging, sharing, giving, being loved by, and equipped is greater than what is consumed/produced. I am working with the liquid muse at the moment I am harvesting yeast from bottles. I have seen some success in this hobby. Moreover, I am surrounded by great friends -like minds obsessed creatives.

Pro Brewing
Professional brewing immersion course with CH.   
JJ & DS Listening Session
Audiophile listening session with JJ & DS.   
Bottle Harvesting
Yeast Harvesting with bottle dregs.   

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