Pretty In Pink

Pitching Yeast

Quite fitting for Valentine's day is a pretty in pink fermentation chamber the barrel box. The project is approaching final gravity within a week. The starter culture of Lactobacillus Delbrueckii was given 4 days of heated fermentation at 120F. The first sign of pellicle appeared within 24 hours. After the lag phase the gravity dropped 64% by day four. The flavor is tart with light notes of oak. There is very little acid in this Berliner. The fermentation is very clean. I've pulled a sample contemplating if the acid will increase overtime. I like the clean lactic acid as opposed to the sharp acetic acid from acetobacter. Overall I will say our work is paying off.

Berliner SG 1.040
2-Day SG 1.040   

Heated Barrel Fermentation
Heated fermentation chamber   

WLP677 24 Hour Pellicle
White Labs WLP677 Lactobacillus Delbrueckii 24-Hour Pellicle   

NTHBA Brewday
Wet towels for additional humidity   

NTHBA Brewday
5-Day rolling fermentation. Blow off tubing installed.   

Barrel Wine Thief
Pulling a sample   

NTHBA Brewday
4-Day SG 1.013   

NTHBA Brewday
Brewday photo by RF. Yeast Pitching Photo (top) by TC.   

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