NTHBA Brewday

NTHBA Brewday

God smiled with a bit of sunshine for the NTHBA brewday. North Texas was covered in snow Thursday by a winter storm. The high today is expected to reach 52F. We are managing to make beer heating both the air and our brewing kettles. The crowd is dwindling as I clean out the mash-tun. We had a great turn out! We who braved the weather managed five+ total beers. The plus is for CH the-bearded-one. He managed to brew two beers on his rig plus helped with the big batch. The star of the crowd however is CH the-lady-brewer. She braved the cold to visit with us knuckle heads. We are brewing a Berliner Weisse using the Big Rig from BargainFittings.com. If all goes well WY will be home by 5 o'clock. I have tendency for extended brewdays. The batch today went without hiccup —50% wheat mashed with no rice hulls. The last challenge will be maintaining fermentation temperature. We have devised a plan to ferment at 120F. Maybe we should have waited for summer.

Blackman Brew's: NTHBA Shares A Berliner Weisse
Brew Eff: 91% | OG: 1.044 | 2 IBUs | Fermented @ 120F WLP677

50% | Great West Two-Row
50% | Great West White Wheat
30-Min Rest | 132F
60-Min Convert | 140-152F
40-Min Sparge | 165F

60-Min Mash | Bravo Hops 16.8% AA
75-Min Boil | for protein break

Small Space Brewroom


  1. What was in the barrel originally?

  2. Raymond Vineyards - Cabernet Sauvignon
    Belgian Dark
    Brown Porter