Cheers Buddy!

Cheers Buddy

This weekend was packed with beer exercises as my region prepares for the Bluebonnet Brewoff. In the coming weeks we will judge 1300+ entries from all over the United States. The first week began with unpacking, verifying, and sorting entries. I volunteered on the yellow sticky line. Having put dots on about 4500 bottles of beer I am still seeing dots. Sunday began with some spiritual cleansing. After worship I gathered with the community of beer lovers to empty the barrel. We racked the Berliner onto various bugs in attempt to get it sharply sour. The base had reach a SG 1.008 while fermented solely with WLP677 the beer tasted clean –Belgian clean that is with light notes of lactic acid. Pitching different bugs will allow us to identify which bugs are preferred. I will work much of the batch with a house culture. I am thinking Brett B will move the base into the Berliner family without being out of style. The challenge will be to produce sharply sour notes within three weeks. I am open to ideas on this. Having not pitched the bugs I’m still gathering thoughts. While the crew was around we also shared some award winning home brew. Cheers Buddy!

2014 Midwinter Homebrew Competition
1st Place - Straight Unblended Lambic - House Guest 2.0
Cuvee Conditioned -Dec 2012 Golden sour dry with medium funk and deep acidity | Exceptional | Bottled for aging

3rd Place - Open Category Mead - Coffee Mead
Coffee Mead 2.0 ground coffee added to 1/2 gallon. Stored cold. Racked and bottled.

2014 16th Annual Domras Cup Mead Competition
1st Place - Open Category Mead - Oak Aged Caramelized Honey Mead
Oak Stick Aged Caramelized honey mead. Ruby brown color. Fruity floral aroma. Flavor of toffee and light cinnamon. Getting better aged at room temperature. The sweetness and alcohol are becoming one/well rounded.

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Family Photo - AB, CH, AG, DM, SW, EF

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