Glass Beer Boot

Give me the boot! I've struck out! The results for the 2014 Upper Mississipp Mashout are in. I presented my best yet none have placed. I shall know more about their performance when the scoresheets arrive. The blog allows me to chat up my best efforts. This post raises the glass to beers better than my own. The category winners are below. These guys make awesome home brew! Cheers!

Small Stouts
1st | Andrew Laidlaw | St. Louis Brews
2nd | Adrian Eastwick | The Brewing Network
3rd | Delano Stein | Saint Paul Homebrewers Club

Sour Berliner & Lambic
1st | Caleb Levar
2nd | John Lomnicki | Saint Paul Homebrewers Club
3rd | Sean Kampshoff | Minnesota Home Brewers Association

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