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Making a beer from one Single Malt and a Single Hop is a novel concept brew a simple beer from great ingredients. The selection of grains with enough enzymatic power to convert starch to sugar is the first place to start. This is the building block of any grain bill. The next chose a nice multipurpose hop for well balanced bittering, flavor, and aroma. Unlike pilsners —the greatest SMaSH beer ever! the ones I've tried have been one-note and lifeless. The problem could be things are taken way too lightly with the approach of just-brew-it. Rather then the pilsner approach to mashing techniques and high quality hops. Those beers like Pilsner Urquell are step mashed by decoction using the finest hops in Germany. I will agree highly modified malts allow us to simplify our brewing process but what I am pushing for here is brewing SMaSH beers with intent. When new home-brewer JB asked me about a recipe I offered one rather quickly. Likewise he was looking to brew an IPA where the focus is hops. The style is fitting for SMaSH brewing if the grist bill is not too dry. I suggested Maris Otter -technically a blend grain with Mosaic hop. At 11-13% AA the hop bitters well offering complex flavor and aroma. Mosaic is new to the brewing community and using it as a single hop offers both fruity and floral notes. Its hop resin flavor I call fruit-flesh-tropical.

Blackman Brew's: A SMaSH for Joshua
5 Gallons | OG: 1.052 | 64 IBUs | Fermented @ 60F SafeAle US-05

100% | Hugh Baird Maris Otter 
60-Min Mash | 152F

100% | 60-Min Boil | Mosaic Hops 11.6% AA
60-Min | 0.75 oz
30-Min | 0.50 oz
10-Min | 2.75 oz
Dry | 2.00 oz

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