Kriek Dry Stout

This weekend I will be watching news feeds for 2014 Upper Mississippi Mash-out results. I decided enter a competition outside my region and so will not make the awards ceremony. The competition is open for national entries however most come from the local brewers. Judging from the list of winners the circuit is very competitive. There will be some brewing engines with their reputation on the line. I've selected UMMO for this reason. The area is home to a large brewing community. Many of the Beer Judge Certification Program (BJCP) officers live in Minnesota. I'd like to see how my home brewed dry stout scores in this region. The water profile for this beer also similar to their local ground water. Inspired by English ales it's fermented with Yorkshire ale yeast. The beer is smooth yet deeply roasted. Given a new set of taste-buds I'm open for feedback. I entered four others a NotSoEnglishDryCider, NotSoEnglishIPA, NotSoKolsch, and the work in progress black cherry Kriek. It's a sour beer tamed by a secondary fermentation with fruit. The effort grist building and fermenting has been fun. Wish me luck. I am shooting for two favorites. However competitions are subjective often luck of the draw. I enter for judges feedback some comments are humorous. I'm conceived it's all a fairytale with famous writers as national beer judges.

UMMO Entries
2014 UMMO Entries   

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