Dry Hopped Wild Ale

Dry Hopped Rye Sour

Working with sour beer has taken me on a wild journey of cellarmanship —the obsession with aging. I am learning how a beer reaches peak maturity. The stages are quite radical buttery, oil, roppy, balanced, acidic, etc. Sour beer can also go very wrong. They simply do not get better with time sour beers are to be intentional with an expected outcome. The bad ones are to be dumped. I have seen barrels at commercial breweries marked for deletion. While humbling the experience is also quite liberating. Going through my sour kegs I realize it's time to invite over the beer nerds. We will have dinner sample beer and share knowledge. This weekend we will share beers older than toddlers. They range from acidic to wild with horsey dank aromas of rotting fruit. Cleaning house I have saved my best sours the occasion. I have added Santiam dry hops to revive a complex farmhouse ale. The spicy hop will deliver herbal & floral aroma. The beer a farmhouse rye fermented with pediococcus & brettanomyces bruxellensis deserves some aromatics. Also arriving for the masses a selection of sours from SSF those bottles are prize worthy.

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