Brew-Rig Pit Stop

Propane Burner Repair

Maintenance is sometimes overlooked in home brewing operations. Time allocated to repair is not as critical for the hobbyist. I have done a better job cleaning keggerator beer lines and racking beers than servicing burners. The propane burners for the rig are rusted. They have seen many boil overs thus clogging the air/gas mixing ports. Deconstructing and cleaning should restore mixing ratios allowing for a cleaner flame. Taking the burner apart is simple one screw passes through the burner to the heat shield. Scrapping out the gunk with a wire brush will also extent the burners life. I plan to upgrade to Bayou Classic Banjo burners when the turkey fryer burners rust to pieces. Going natural gas would be nice but for now I like the portability of propane brewing.

Rusted Propane Burner
The rusted propane burner   

Clogged Propane Burner
Cleared clogs with wire brush   

While in MRO mode I also emptied the keggerator for cleaning. Using a submersion pump line cleaner is run through to break up beer stones followed by an extended rinse cycle. I also pump sanitizer through then allow everything to dry before reloading.

Beer Line Cleaner
Beer line cleaning: Sanitizing Cycle   

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