Bottling Molasses

Bottling Sour Beer
Properly carbonated sour beer is mysterious. I am working on getting this right by adding fresh yeast and priming sugar at bottling. The original yeast at this stage is pretty much dead or mutant. As the extended fermentation reaches terminal gravity the solution has deprived of yeast nutrient. The new yeast is needed to convert fermentable priming sugar to CO2 and Ethanol. The unfermentable sugar remains leaving residual sweetness for the final beer. The difficulty with sour beer is the bacteria will continue consuming long chained sugars. Thus over carbonating the beer. I'd like the beer to stay in the bottle and so have cut back on the priming rates. I'm also playing with different sugars. This round will use Grandmas' unsulfured molasses and a small batch with inverted Golden Syrup. The molasses should impart a rum finish to the final beer. The batch was dosed with yeast and sugar by weight. The beer is less dense than water (995g per liter) accounting for the residual sugar should result in 3.5 volumes of CO2. Lets hope pressure is not lost to the corks.

Sour Barrel Project
Yeast & Molasses Added by Weight   
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Golden Sour: Primed with Golden Syrup   

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