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I am reminded of The Last Poets while reaching into the cellar. Somewhere along this quest I've lost my mind to obsessive hording of the liquid muse. These bottles are private stock. Gifts for the season of giving. They are bartering chips for fellow brewers. We sip. We chat. We laugh. What makes this hobby even more fun is experimentation. The following list is how I've played. Some brews are better than others.

Belgian Dark Barrel Project 1.0 -Sep 2012
Great | Bottle conditioned | Highly Carbonated | Wine barrel aged Belgian Dubble with caramelized jaggery sugar. Deep brown with ruby highlights. | Aging Nicely

Grassy Monk | BA Belgian Dubbel 2.0 -Apr 2012
Good | Well hopped Belgian Dubbel with caramelized jaggery sugar hopped before bottling. Medium sweetness with earthy hop notes has some raisin with phenol flavors. | Interestingly good.

English Cider 2.0 | Semi-Sweet -Oct 2013
Great | Bottled sweet aroma of juice some light oxidation. Robust flavor medium acid with great structure. Some tannin. Medium oak notes. | Bottled for aging.

English Cider 4:1 | Dry -Aug 2013
Exceptional | Highly Carbonated | Rustic cider has exceptional aroma of apple skins. Very dry with delicate sweetness. Flavor acidic apples with some oxidation.

Farmhouse Cider | Dry -Jul 2013
Exceptional | Dry well balanced cider very light funk. High carbonation delicate apple finish. Has a peppery spice note of clove. Great. | Bottled some with Mimosa Stick

St James Farmhouse Cider | Dry -Apr 2013
Bretty with Age | Cider fermented with wild yeast from St James, Missouri muscadine grapes has deep brettanomyces flavor and aroma. Dry austere with moderate acidity. | Very French

American IIPA 2.0
Great | Working on the hops schedule and grains. Hop presence is very American but the finish has balanced malt. | Brew again a bit dryer.

Dry Stout 6.0
Great | This beer is becoming a house standard. Deeply roasted easy drinking stout.

Imperial Stout 4.1
Good | Young | Rich deep stout brewed for aging. Second best batch. All others were sub-par.

English Brown
Good | Second Runnings beer intended as Brown Porter. Lacks middle richness. Finish is smooth malt forward.

Scotch Ale
Good | Well balanced would like more color and deeper caramel notes.

Scottish 60+ Shilling Ale
Boring | Low Gravity beer for easy drinking. Kettle caramelization is the only thing this beer has to offer

ESB Extra Special Bitter
Boring | Low Gravity beer for easy drinking. Good color solid hop additions.

American Farmhouse | St James Conditioned -Oct 2012
3rd Place | Sour saison bottled with St James Yeast aging at room temp expecting more complexity.

Farmhouse Brown #1.2.3 -Feb 2012
Good | Sir Duke Farmhouse Brown fermented Saison Blend yeast. Ale has great complexity and an underlining berry note. Aging well at room temperature.

Sir Duke | TX Wild -Aug 2011
Okay | Malty brown fermented with Texas wild persimmon yeast. Farmhouse styled beer with date like fruity notes complex. The finish is dry with moderate puckering. Aged at cave temperature.

Trappist | Brett B -Aug 2012
Trappist base bottled with Brett B | Moderate funk well balanced body.

Trappist | Brett B & C -Aug 2012
Trappist base bottled with Brett B & C | Drier moderate horsey funk.

Yaupon Holly Mead
Works | First attempt at a traditional mead with interesting honey. | monitor progress

Coffee Mead 1.0 - Dec-11
Sample | Aging at cave temperature | monitor progress

Coffee Mead 2.0 | Kraft Bochet -Sep 2012
Aging to mellow out the coffee notes

Kraft Bochet Mead 2.0 -Sep 2012
Exceptional | Caramelized honey mead ruby brown color. Fruity floral aroma. Flavor of toffee and light cinnamon. Getting better aged at room temperature. The sweetness and alcohol are becoming one/well rounded. | Bottled some with Oak Stick

Kraft Bochet Mead 3.0 -Feb 2013
Deep smoky toffee notes rugged honey finish.

Pomegranate Mead -Aug 2013
Pomegranate Mead semi-dry with great complexity allow to mellow with age | Bottled some with Mimosa Stick

Jester's Crown -Sep 2012
Great | Bottle dregs fermented from Gotlandsdricka. Medium sour notes saison with tropical fruit tones light funk. Debatably better than the King. Conditioned at cave temperature. Bottle for aging.

Berliner 5.3 -Sep 2013
Exceptional | Easy drinking light body golden sour. Fruity aroma with some acid. Light wheat flavor with lemonade clean well balanced acid.

Black Cherry Kriek 1.0 | St James -May 2013
1st Place | Fruit forward tart with moderate residual sweetness. Fermented with wild yeast from St James Missouri muscadine grapes.

Black Cherry Kriek 2.0 | Sour Abbey -May 2013
Black Cherry Kriek 2.0 Blend with Sour Abbey base. Light medium fruit note. Sour is deeper with more structure. Age at room temp. Track progress.

House Saison 2.0 | Cuvee Conditioned -Dec 2012
3rd Place | Golden sour dry with medium funk and deep acidity | Exceptional | Bottled for aging

Saison | St. James -Sep 2012
Exceptional | Saison base fermented with wild yeast St James Missouri muscadine grapes . Aroma high white wine with moderate fruit. Low acid low-no malt

Trappist | Roeselare -Aug 2012
Exceptional | Trappist base bottled with sour blend. Moderate funk with medium acid.

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