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OMI Sculpture Park Robert Grosvenor Untitled 1968
What you see in this photo is not beer. It is art a sculpture created to free the imagination. The work Untitled 1968 by Robert Grosvenor is installed at the OMI Sculpture Park.   

This year was like a slow climb with fear. The vantage point a paradox shift: learn the politics and embrace the landing. Serving as 2013 President of North Texas Home Brewers Association has taught me to fear no beer, mead, or cider. Being pressed down and measured has yielded joy along with friendship, trust, perseverance and patience. This practice returns some reward what remains are strong ties between family and the ever present support of friends.

2013 Competitions:
Dry Stout - Bluebonnet Brew Off - 1st Place
Black Cherry St James Kriek - Alamo City Cerveza Fest - 1st Place
American Farmhouse St James Saison - Lunar Rendezbrew - 3rd Place
Black Cherry Mead - Lunar Rendezbrew - 3rd Place
Straight Unblended Lambic - Limbo Challenge - 3rd Place
German Dinklebier - O'Zapft Is! - 3rd Place
Ocotberfest - O'Zapft Is! - 1st Place

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