Not So Kolsch

Not So Kolsch

In fermentation is a Not-So-Kolsch recipe I have been working on. The grains are a mix of German and American base malts. The batch is simple to brew and results in a light and refreshing beer. Its hop schedule is closer to a blonde ale having both flavor and aroma additions. The beer is admittedly no Kolsch lacking this style's gentle hopping. However, the brew allows me to taste the yeast behind. The hops are forward so the beer is not boring. The grain bill is heavy on the Pilsner and so proper for the Kolsch style. I dropped the aroma hop addition to keep the last batch within style. In not-so-bent-on-style spirit the batch is fermenting on three different yeast.

German Alt Yeast: Traditional Dusseldorf yeast produces slightly sweet beers with some hop accents.

Kolsch Ale Yeast: Yeast from Cologne produces slightly fruity beers with little to no diacetyl. Great for alt beers fermented cold.

Belgian Saison Yeast: Revived yeast from Till & Toil a seasonal brew by Lakewood Brewing Company. This yeast is said to be the Fantome Saison yeast known to produce dry beers with clove phenols, peppery notes, and light citrus undertones.

Brewing to style is not my mantra. I'd like to think the recipe is approaching the Kolsch style. I will know post fermentation and cold conditioning. Splitting the batch on traditional German yeast will allow me to pick a regional favorite. The Dusseldorf strand I like for amber-hybrids against the Cologne strand. Of the three I'm curious how the Belgian yeast will fare at light-hybrid fermentation temperature.

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