Harvesting Bugs, Ales & Lagers

Yeast Harvesting
Harvesting Yeast at High Krausen   

This yeast has been saved for my next batch of beer. I am brewing for my brew-anniversary two beers a golden sour and an Oktoberfest. One beer is for aging the other is for the masses. One yeast is top-cropping ale yeast the other is bottom harvesting lager yeast. Each sample was taken from fermentation at high krausen when the yeast is most active. Fermenting in corny kegs has simplified pulling yeast. Ale samples are pulled from the gas-in while lager yeast is pulled from the dip-tube-out. I pull enough for a starter to keep from making a mess. The yeast is then cultured up on a stir plate. The blend of bacteria will be pitched from a yeast slurry. The golden sour I am brewing today has been going over a year. The yeast was snagged from SSF House Saison. The culture is a blend of White Labs bugs and bottle dregs. Named appropriately the strand is called "The House Guest". I am brewing the 4th batch today and racking the 3rd. I have one tap dedicated to sour beer plus one 3rd award for batch 1.0. Today will be a long day of brewing. Cheers!

House Guest Tap
The Sour Tap: House Guest 2.0   
3rd Straight Un-blended Lambic
Straight Un-blended Lambic   

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