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The Prost Brewing company is Denver's first German-style brewery. Brewmaster Bill Eye & the copper kettles produce beers in accordance to Reinheitsgebot. The German beer purity law demands ingredients used for the brewing must be water, barley, hops and yeast. The 1516 law is adopted for all Prost beers. Their Keller Pils is an unfiltered Franconia pilsner. The flavor is clean hop forward with a sweet malt finish. The aroma is of yeast and spicy hops. Their Weißbier was the best of the flight its yeasty flavor of banana is exceptional. Having won GABF sliver & gold medals the Hefeweizen has reset my standard for the style. Peeking around the 70BBL brewery was a quick lesson on the merits of German brewing. The use of decoction for the mash extracts flavor from the grains by boiling. The copper from the kettles also reacts with hydrogen sulfide in the boil to reduce sulfur compounds. This benefits fermentation as the copper is yeast nutrient.

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