Born On Date

Grain Hopper
Milling grains for the Last Brewday of 2013   

The last brew for the year is fermenting nicely. I am pondering brewing for 2014 while mourning the loss of my mom. Born on September 15th it seemed quite fitting to pull from the cellar her born on date. This beer is great, well carbonated, and chilled. I am convinced mom would love it. As for the brew schedule I'm planning to shift focus to clean fermented Lagers and Ales. The beers most people drink. I have been on a quest to understand and create wild beers and sours. These are the least consumed beers of the entire market. Judging from my cellar they have taken over. I'd like to keep this under control and more refined next year. The sour pipeline will be limited to two brews. I will start working on a Flanders Red and keep the House Guest going. The remaining brews will be easy drinking beers. The challenge will be getting more flavor with less malt. It will also be nice to have beer on tap that needs no introduction. I'm looking forward to the coming year. Having bottled what remains in kegs I have some brewing to do. Thanks for your support!

Born On Date
Birthday Beer Born On 09.15.2012   
Black Cherry Kriek
Sour Beer Fermented with Cherries   
Black Cherry Kriek Bottled
Bottled Remains of Black Cherry Kriek   

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