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Beer Competition Review

Each year I approach home brewing with the intent to make better beer. Last year I found a community of home brewers whose list of ales were far better than my homemade swill. I purposed to get involved and learn. I wanted to know more about brewing process and how it applied to the finish product. My beers got noticeably better as the year progressed.

This year I've set out to corral ideas by serving as club President. The duty is fun practice in leadership amidst politics. The club has been brewing for a while, I'd like to challenge us to brew our best. Thus, I'm taking the same brew it again make it better approach. This does not mean my ales will win awards, or ribbons. I still have the ability to make pridefully awful beer.

Here is my list of entries for competition. All are interpretations of style and ingredients. I've used uncommon hops, rye malt, limited release yeast, and aged for complexity. I am entering competition for feedback. I'd like to know about detectable flaws and off-flavors. My brewing process is subject to change leaving room for refinement.

2013 Bluebonnet Brew Off Entries:
Belgian Pale - Rye base with fermented with Belgian lager yeast.

Belgian Blonde - Table Trappist low gravity blonde.

Wood Aged Belgian Dark Strong - (Barrel Project) Beer in question.

Ordinary Bitter - No crystal malt or sugar fermented with Yorkshire yeast.

English IPA - English & American hop blend.

Robust Porter - Dry stout recipe with low roast profile. Noted diacetyl.

Dry Stout - Brew it again. Dry stout with more roast. Fermented with Yorkshire yeast. Bottled early.

Flanders Brown - (One Year Old) TX Wild Brown. Sour with berry notes.

Black Cherry Sparkling Hydromel - (Bottle Conditioned) Young low gravity cherry mead.

Beer Competition Entries

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