Barrel Rider

barrel rider
CH the guy riding the barrel has taken charge of the next barrel project. He has prepared a Burbon Porter. The wort was brewed at using the big rig provided by two weeks prior. This weekend CH, AW, LW (film director) and I prepped and filled the barrel. CH also managed to brew a large batch of Bochet mead (burnt honey) while AW & I brewed top up wort. In an effort the keep the barrel clean we washed and sanitized with a hot solution of potassium metabisulfite and citrus acid. The idea is to keep the barrel free of wild yeast while we can. The oak character is neutral so we added 1lb of Knob Creek soaked chips. The chamber is treated as a gloried oxidizing vessel. The inlet of O2 is controlled by wood porosity and ambient temperature. I'd like to think all things are measured but I'm really just limiting variables. Oak aging is fun practice. I am waiting to crown the barrel with sour beer.

I'm also waiting for bottles to carbonate. The oaked dark strong has been in bottles for a week. The Belgian Saison yeast has lightly dusted the bottles. The Trappist and 1116 Wine yeast are forming creatures.

1 week bottle conditioning with wine yeast
week 1 bottle conditioning with 1116 wine yeast   

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