Vote for Homebrewer of the Year

When you are voting no one peeks at your ballot. Yet, everyone wants to know what's going into your home brew. Given the freedom of information act our 44th President was asked the same question. What are you home brewing? Later the Obama Administration released two beer recipes a Honey Ale and a Honey Porter.

Homebrewers around the country are now brewing versions of these White House Ales. As a home brewer myself it's nice to see the president brewing. Now that it's election day I wonder who I would cast as Home Brewer of the Year. The Obama administration is on the ballot but after spending National Learn to Homebrew Day brewing & teaching answering questions; I see people are missing the details.

I answered questions new brewers have when thinking of all grain brewing. What kind of equipment is needed? What temperature should I mash at? Those questions were easy: hold the mash at 150F for 60 minutes in a large pot, pull out the bag of grains, boil with hops for 60 minutes then cool with a chiller. The equipment needed is dependent on the batch size, and brewing process. Noone asked about fermentation, yeast pitch control, or aging.

People peeked into the kettles searching for a recipe. I was brewing an American Stout. Not one person asked how the sweet wort would transform into beer. We chatted brewing politics about malts & hops forgetting how it would convert. My plan was to work with Scottish ale yeast for its esters and residual sweetness. I would ferment hoping that the hop additions would pair nicely with malt. If all went well the batch would yield a well hopped American Stout with an foreign export quality. The brewday ended with me questioning other brewers. I was looking for ways to speed up my process. Cooling, cleanup, and transferring take more time than necessary. I am thinking the next upgrade will be a heat safe pump for mash vorlauf and whirlpool cooling.

BTW, I received a care package containing a t-shirt and two sour brews. I am looking forward to using yeast from the House Saison. SSF, Thank You! +1 Homebrewer of the Year Nominee


  1. that starter is looking good! that parking lot brew session looks like fun too, it's always good to give back to the community.

  2. One of the best election night party's I've ever been to. I'm not sure homebrewers approve but we had blue beer.