Black Forty, Miles from Home

Blackstone Pub Eatery

There are many reasons to leave home. I left to find a job and to establish new life. When I visit home now it's to seek the friends and family who remain. After driving 12 hours yesterday I rested with a southern meal and a tall glass of piss-lite. The beer was the best I could do in the small town comfort of Alabama. Today I've found the best pub around and a local brewery. Craft beer is here folks!

Black 40 Beer Samples

I stopped at the brewery first to see if they would allow a traveler to pass the gates. After brief chat I was sent on my way with note to come back later. I had two hours to spare and so filled time at Blackstone Pub & Eatery two blocks south for the brewery. The pub is the best place within forty miles. They served four Black Forty selections. My favorite of the bunch was unexpectedly the Freckled Belly IPA. The hops were presence but not pallet wrecking. The malt profile read more amber ale and the beer was cleanly finned. The runner up was the luscious Naked Pig pale ale. The beer was lighter on the hops with a rounded malt bill. Think cream ale with a touch more hops. I ordered an IPA pint along with a "Fire on the Mountain Pizza" with grilled buffalo chicken, jalapenos and feta cheese. Great Pair! I admired the list of other beer pairings on the bottles. I'd dare not order bottled when draft is offered.

Black Forty Bottle Lables
Black Forty Beer Bottles
Black Forty Truck Stop Honey Brown
Black Forty Brewery


  1. You were seconds from me, but I didn't know you were in town. Dammit, man!

  2. Win, whirlwind trip I shall return in mid Jan-Feb.. See you then. I'd love to check out your audio rig!