Golden Pints

The last two weeks have been deeply stressful and negative. I have taken vacation this week to embrace the art of beer brewing.

I am volunteering at a brewery in Dallas. Brewmaster Michael Peticolas owns and operates the soon to be famous Peticolas Brewing Company. Located in the design district the brewery's first release an Imperial Red ale "The Velvet Hammer" has been named Best Beer in Dallas. At the 2012 Great American Beer Festival (GABF) Peticolas was awarded a Gold Medal for its "Royal Scandal" an English pale ale. If you have been around beer for more than five seconds you will know this is an unique achievement! It makes me happy to see Mr. Peticolas a self-invested newcomer rolling out kegs of uncompromised craft beer.

At the brewery I've been assigned a long list of chores. The most troubling has been scooping spent grains from the mash tun. The repetitive motion of keg washing was so mind numbing I had no complaints. However, reaching into the mash tun sweaty and sticky for the last bits of grain is far less rewarding than filling kegs. Our days are ended cleaning the brewhouse and chatting over beer. I had brought my own homebrew today. We shared and discussed the brewing process. I learned some things about running a microbrewery. Mr. Peticolas seemed to like the home brewed Bier De Garde with Brettanomyces. We measured its 3.64 PH and closed with pints of Gold Medal English pale ale. I was exhausted —no longer stressed about life or work.

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