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A great host can make the most of any situation and make you feel comfortable with little effort. This style of service is returning to Dallas in the form of a little brewery that could.

This Labor Day weekend I had the opportunity to visit with Brewmaster Drew of Deep Ellum Brewing Company (DEBC) in Downtown Dallas. The invitation was somewhat open but somehow I was to bring home brewed beer to this glorious event. Members of North Texas Homebrewers Association (NTHBA) were invited to the Labor of Love Fest of Ales sponsored by the brewery. The catch was your home made beer would be poured alongside commercial craft beer. In return for our effort Deep Ellum supplied base malts and Bravo hops so we may brew again.

DEBC Best Seat In The House

The best seat in the house was offered up to club members in a measure unheard of. We could spend the day touring the brewery while also attaining valuable feedback from consumers & established brewers about our beers. I had prepared the American Pale Ale assigned to tap #4. It's name was "Continuous Confidence". The batch was freshly brewed three weeks prior using Deep Ellum's malts and hops. The challenge for me was to prepare a less than hoppy beer agreeable to hop lovers. The Bravo hop is a newish (second generation) supper hop. At four times the Alpha Acids than traditional hops Bravo can be described as pungent. For me its profile was a complete palette killer with spicy flavor and floral aroma. I wanted to tame this by presenting a balanced beer. I would use 1 ounce of the hot side and finish the beer with 2 ounces of the hops on the cold side. I wanted less bittering and less lupulin extraction. The hop schedule seemed wasteful. I'd leave much oils and resinous powder behind dry hopping cold but I also wanted to produce a beer I could drink if nobody else would.

I arrived with two beers. The other was an Imperial Southern Brown from my efforts with Team GBU. OG offered his reserve knowing I was running low on beer. The imperial was more my kind of beer. Hop balanced with enough malt to know quality and selection. The beer was not imperial in the sense of ABV at 5.2% it was only fuller than your typical brown ale. It was served from a jokey box alongside JB's Black IPA. We had fun with comparing hops to malt. I left with empty kegs nonetheless. Once things slowed down I was able to catch Deep Ellum Brewmaster Drew Huerter for a private pour. Direct from the fermentation tanks Drew served an exceptional Rocktoberfest. The beer is an Oktoberfest brewed with rye. I left for the night inspired.

Brewmaster Drew of Deep Ellum Brewing Dallas

Blackman Brew Trappist Rye

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