Belgian Dark Strong: Barrel Project

Nevers French Oak Barrel Washing
I lifted an oak barrel and inserted a washing wand in the bung hole. Lets discuss it's history and refill. Barrel Washing with SO2 Treated Water

The barrel was cooperaged in 2005 by Nadalie using oak from the Nevers Forest in France. The wood was toasted with a variation of medium to heavy and placed into service in 2007 by Raymond Vineyards. Filled with a 2007 Petite Sirah then a 2009 Sonoma Cabernet before being taken out of service. The barrel is currently being treated with SO2 water.

I've gathered a team of confident home brewers for the project. We brewed a Belgian Dark Strong to fill the barrel. Wayne Yandell of supplied the brewing rig. I worked the recipe and OG is fermenting. This is Team GBU. However our greatest members are those who helped brew 45 gallons of beer. Together we will split shares and learn collectively as inspired brewers.

Post fermentation the beer will be transferred to the barrel for aging. We will wait as long as it takes to extract flavor. The beer recipe is quite simple give it a try I'd like to know how it turns out.

Blackman Brew's: Belgian Dark Strong
5.5 Gallons | OG: 1.080 | Fermented with platinum series yeast | Abbey IV WLP540
41% | 6 lbs | Belgian Pilsen
34% | 5 lbs | Maris Otter
12% | 1.75 lbs | D2 Belgian Dark Candy Syrup
 5% | 0.75 lbs | CaraMunich II
 5% | 11 oz | White Wheat
 2% | 5 oz | Special B
 1% | 2 oz | Belgian Light Munich
SRM | 1 oz | Carafa II

60 Min Hops | 1 oz Northern Brewer 9.5%AA | 23 IBUs
30 Min Hops | 1 oz German Select 4.7%AA | 9 IBUs

SRM color before and after the Belgian candy sugar addition.  

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