Half Full Partially Empty

Corked Beer Spillage
Nine bottles down with two remaining the mini-cellar smelled like beer. The night of my arrival disaster had struck in the most unusual way. The farmhouse ales I stored in wines bottles had lost their corks. Yet the bottles remained half full. Imagine a cork worming for freedom in the cobra position. I smiled surprised there was no broken glass. The lateral wine storage I'd designed worked —to some degree! The corks compressed against a notched cutout but I had not accounted for vertical bowing like a rainbow.

Sad I must discard precious craft, two were salvaged. Their corks partially dislodged. Their bottles partially empty. I poured a dry Farmhouse Saison whose head dispersed fast. The flavor was rustic I suspected cork-taint. I liked the dry essence of malt with Belgian yeast. The phenols had faded and the hops were low leaving a golden candied sweetness. The aroma was less than desired. Somewhere between rotten wood and smoke and cheese I drank with caution. The spill was proof things go wrong even for the well prepared.

Beer Cellar Spoils Farmhouse Saison

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