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Gleaning is the act of collecting leftover crops from farmers' fields after they have been harvested.

The act involves the humble or the poor collecting where it is not economically profitable. Ancient cultures have promoted gleaning as an early form of welfare. Today I will expound on a biblical story that has taken hold of my life. In the photo on the left I am harvesting wheat from fields in Boaz, Alabama. On the right I am gleaning two-row barley fields in Teaxs. The barley can be noted by it's smaller kernel size and husk extensions.

I was picking up my 11 year old daughter for the summer. She in Alabama and I in Texas became inspiration for regional farmhouse ales. Two ales would represent our origin and separation. The idea could go sour quickly so I was open to experimentation. When I returned home the grains were tossed in wort. The next day both were fermenting. I was getting more pleasant esters of light nut, bananas, and bumble gum from Texas gleaning. The Alabama harvest was rustic with an earthly herbal aroma it seemed more sour and slower to ferment. After a few days each was transferred to pint glassware with fresh wort. I'll run a batch of standard brew then pitch the spontaneous cultures separate. I am expecting the rural Alabama to be a sour beer. The Texas culture has an interesting lactic contentment. I am not certain either will make great beer. I've become as mad as microbiologist Louis Pasteur. My resolve ferment first then sample with precaution. I'll flash pasteurize then sample. If the results are noteworthy the ale will make a small production run. Otherwise all will remain experiential.

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As for the biblical stuff it's hard to mix belief with conviction and so I will tell it to you straight. I find much wisdom in the old testament. Having read the story of Ruth and Boaz I was compelled to revisit the separation between my child and I. She had spent her youth with Mom while I lived a blessed life in Texas. Estranged by distance and father of a great kid. I was convicted* to be proactive. Resolved to take a leading role I've enlisted as a full-time father together we will work through adolescence, high school, and the push to college. She will reside with me for the transition. —*I am taken by the nature of redemption. Boaz at the time was blessed. A kinsman redeemer accountable for passing blessing from his generation to the next. I myself was prepared for fatherhood to pass inheritance to my heirs.

Cold Cellar Beer  Pallet

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