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A benevolent offering is usually collected specifically for those in need seeking assistance from the church. In this case The Church of Hi-Fi Audio Saints has shown benelovence for my 2012 series of homebrewed beers. The audio church is an assembly of do-it-yourself audio junkies who gather once a year in Dallas to showcase their creations. The event is open to storefront vendors and commercial audio as well.

I am family with the DIY crowd and so it made sense to offer handcrafted homebrewed beer in celebration of exotic audio. I had prepared a Trappist Rye, an aged Porter, and a Nutty Brown ale. The very promising Trappist Rye was youngest of the bunch. Brewed one month prior it's moderate Belgian phenols and rye spicy presence would be best in the coming months. The ale was force carbonated on-site while on lookers snapped photos of the keg shaking. The nutty brown was a hit for all who wanted an easy drinking beer. The porter was 9.6% ABV with a sneaky dark lightly roasted profile. Of the many who sampled I was glad to be in the company of highly capable geeks who happened to enjoy my offerings.  Thanks for your loving support!

LSAF 2012 Homebrewed Beer

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