Chest Freezer Keg Cold Storage
Cold Box 2 is a used chest freezer complete with a wood collar. The build was a continued effort to confine my beers to the garage. This is spring cleaning for the brewery. My expiring beers have been purged and I've blended a series of saison brews into one keg. The blend was a balance of peppery phenols with a heavier malt presence. I added some sugar and a fresh round of yeast. This should allow the beer to finish dry and refreshing. I'm planing to revive the aroma by dry hopping. The art of blending is often missed in homebrewing. I suppose much of the beer is consumed or not worth the effort of storing. While commercial brewers often blend batches for consistency and quality control.

The new beer is fermenting. I pulled the spear from a sanke keg and used a #10 stopper with an airlock. The locking ring required a small pointed object to dislodge. I used some clamps to compress the ball valve while removing. Be sure to lay the keg on its side to empty the contents.

Removing a Sanke Keg spear
Blending Homebrewed Beer

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