Bottle Aged Farmhouse Rye

bottle aged farmhouse ale
I am learning to take competitions with smiles and giggles. The smiles represent the ability to brew good beer while the laughter is to soothe the jagged pill of crushed confidence. I am reviewing a multitude of scoresheets. The beers I entered scored low or suffered from low carbonation. I had simply rushed some and held others beyond their grace. At the time I was in a phase of farmhouse ales & sours. Needing to produce beers for competition my better brews were likewise edgy. The NTHBA my local home brewing club and I were fighting to bring home the Bluebonnet Cup award. Our club took home the medal; however, with no help from my arsenal.

I entered a Farmhouse Rye which had developed an interesting profile. The ale was fermented with a homebrewed culture then aged in the bottle. I found the result to be horsey with a leading edge not quite lactic. The early notes were grassy sour with some sulfuric and bumble gum esters. Time had pinched the bumble gum leaving a crusted earth aroma with no sulfur. Surprisingly the competition judges found it hard to describe. I've thought this would be the case given the culture's unique history.

bjcp judge

Aroma: 9/12
medium general farmhouse aroma horse blanket. no hops or malt.

Appearance: 3/3
Big head. good retention. good color
lacey head

Flavor: 14/20
no malt. some hop. Farmhouse flavors. hard to describe.

Mouthfeel: 5/5
medium body. good carb. no warmth.
no astringency.

Overall: 7/10
An ok beer. not sure what to think. not a bad beer but not a good Belgian Pale Ale

farmhouse rye scoresheet
bjcp judge

Aroma: 9/12
Wonderful farmhouse aroma, malt, hops, and cheese. Odd esters & Phenols

Appearance: 3/3
Excellent head, rocky white, w/great lace.

Flavor: 14/20
hoppy flavor with unusual finish. Has grassy notes, and lemony taste

Mouthfeel: 4/5
good body & great carbonation

Overall: 7/10
this is a true specialty beer the flavors are unusual, but pleasant I would enjoy this with Thai food

Farmhouse Rye Score


  1. Sounds like an interesting beer. 37 and 38 aren't bad scores at all - I'm surprised you didn't at least take 3rd place.

    1. Max, this is a heavily entered competition. 1804 was the final entry count. Going against 40 other Belgian Pale & Specialty Ales it's good to see the judges were open to my rugged interpretation of style. I'd like to think the beer was exceptional.