Patron Saint In Prague

Ceska Republika
When I found out my brother was visiting Prague for the weekend I pleaded for photos and beer. The photos he knew well but the subject of beer would be an adventure. Described as a conservative lag I was asking him to return with less than religious spoils. The region of Czech is well known for their hops, the use of Pilsen malt, and lagers. I wanted to sample fresh commercial beer. The charge was left open. I would remain happy with just photos from the trip.

Pilsner Urquell Sign

Patron Saints are believed to be able to intercede effectively for the needs of their special charges.

Prague Taps Bottles
Prague Cans Bottles
Master Polotmavy 13 Premium Beer
Master 13° brewed by Plzensky Prazdroj is a semi-dark amber with brilliant clarity and caramel complex aroma. At 5.2% ABV there is enough hops to stretch into the finish for a caramelized toasted malt flavor. Quality is clean leaving no trace of phenols. Master 13° is a well balanced amber colored Czech beer boiled with fewer hops than Pilsner Urquell.

Pardubicky Porter Czech Beer
Pardubicky Porter from the Pardubice brewery has been around since 1871. This is Czech Republic’s premiere Baltic Porter. The flavor is deep fig with a velvety sweetness maybe black strap molasses. The pour is a deep ruby brown. The hops are low. Full to medium in body the finish is shy of sweet.

I received a five pack of beer, a souvenir stein, and an engraved shot glass. Even more awesome are the two beers above each were a malty lesson on hop usage. Unlike the late flavor and dry hoped American beers these focused malt quality. The hop presence was from early bittering hops at low additions. I also noted and clean biscuit touch on the palette which may be a well modified English Pale Malt.

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