una mas cerveza

Open Bar Homebrew
I'm finding great joy in the small victories of life. Like making new friends of old acquaintances. The moment of truth is we are all sometimes full of ourselves: prideful, arrogant, or staunch. Only when we are in need do we change fate. I am speaking to myself. I've often walked into a bar full of strangers and drank in silence. Other than an occasional plea "una mas cerveza" I reserved my neighbor's right of self indulgence. Enjoy a beer. Un-tie. Relax. The open bar atmosphere is fun for the occasion. I was in CoCo Bongo of all places. The well shots were galore and the lite-lagers came pour after pour. Sinking into life I found conversation. My neighbor and I worked at the same company. We traveled together yet moved in different circles. The trip a team building measure allowed us shared laughs. We established new business, closed old ties, and enjoyed the show. CoCo Bongo is one hell of a party!

Open Bar Laughs

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