Three Wise Pulls

Custom Tap Handles
Three wise men represent the strange tap selection from my kegerator. The decorative masks are from tribal hands in Zaire Africa. The masks seem to be the work of Chokwe craftsmen. The carved hardwood resembles the hand crafted beer received with each pull.

I should have a hoppy American Pale ale on tap followed by a lightly spiced Wheat Beer and an interesting Farmhouse Specialty ale. I’ve made increasingly better beer and would like these handles to showcase such time and effort. This setup works well. I would like to revise the project with exotic hardwood.

I made tap handles using fall off blocks. I added 3/8 inch threaded inserts and attached the masks with screws. The contour of each mask was matched by whittling a sample. The final block was marked with a blue sharpie. The line was removed so each mask would mount flat. For this application the brass inserts were too large. I used t-styled inserts held in place with two screws. The photo shows one but I drilled an addition hole for two and ground down the wings.

DIY Tap Handle Inserts
diy tap handlesoops -cutout for illustration : )
Custom Tap Handles

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