Dabby Stinger Ale

wild rice honey pale ale
Dabby Stinger:
    5 Gallons @ 70% Efficiency
    Fermented with Windsor Ale Yeast

5.5 lbs Great Western 2-Row
1.0 lbs Crystal 40°L
.75 lbs Wild Rice
.25 lbs Aromatic Malt

0.5 oz Yakima Hops -60 Minutes
.25 oz Yakima Hops -Flame Out
1.0 lbs Wild Flower Honey -Flame Out

I had developed a great recipe fermented without interruption.

Bottle conditioned in wine bottles the Dabby Stinger  is a wild rice ale with honey. The flavor is lightly nutty including stubble floral aroma. The hop character is present with a clean finish.
Imagine American Natives floating about the marsh in canoes shaking down long grains of rice. "This is as wild as you can get" I thought while shocked by the price of wild rice. The $13 per-pound was a premium in support of land conservation, wildlife reserves, and the preservation of culture. My clothing was not dabby nor had I harvested in the sun. I was standing in the supermarket justifying the price. Honey bees were the least of my worries as I searched for honey.

I wondered how to produce a mostly American ingredients beer using Wisconsin wild rice sparingly. This meant making a lower gravity beer with adjuncts. I desired average alcohol content but a refreshing beer. Ideas merged. I could use wild flower honey from Texas as a drying agent. The trace notes of honey would also support the nutty rice. I added honey to the recipe bringing the gravity to 1.045 SG and the alcohol by volume to 5.2%. In fermentation the beer would lose much of the nutty rice flavor and so I decided Windsor Ale yeast could substitute with nice esters. I had a collection of hops on hand but I wanted something American. Yakima hops are grown in Washington state. Their aroma is explosive and earthy but they are mostly used as a bittering hop. If used sparingly I could get away with some additional hop aroma.

Overall the recipe was experimental but solid. The bottle conditioning created more sediment than expected. This was my first round filling wine bottles with beer. I've been warned wine bottles aren't designed for pressure. I lost one bottle so far and sent a couple corks flying. Once things settled I waxed and wired the bottles for safe measure.

wild rice beer
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