Corked Warriors

Wine Bottle Washing
Cork Wire Cages

Bottling day is easier with wine bottles and corks. The day still begins with washing but it ends quickly requiring twenty bottles. The trouble I have is getting the corks to seal and stay. I primed as I would standard beer bottles and ended up with cork pushing out some bottles. I sanitized the corks by stem which has also presented a sealing problem. Apparently there are different camps of corkers some soak in a sulfate solution others boil or steam. I am switching to agglomerated corks and inserting them dry next. I trust they are sanitary. Paraffin waxed natural corks would be best.

As for the corked warriors from my first battle, they have been given the Emperor Qin Shi Huangdi treatment. Each bottle was ribboned, wired, and waxed. The soldiers are an army of elegance prepared by hand. The corks are secure. The ale is a wild rice honey brew I'll keep around long term.
terra cotta warriors
corked warriors
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