Stuck Mash

Stuck Mash Stuck Sparge
A white-pasty-oatmeal-mucus brought my brewday to a halt. It formed under the false bottom during the mash. Attempts to clear the dip tube by piping, pumping, flushing, and forced air were to no avail. The entire grist was transferred to a secondary mash tun. Thus adding an additional hour to my all grain brewing process. With a willingness to "wing it" I had a wort which could also double as Maibock and a starter for a complex farmhouse Saison. I had every intention to produce a flawless styled Saison. After the transfer I forged ahead boiling and cooling. The brew a Farmhouse Specialty ale is currently fermenting.

The brewday also marked my anniversary as a home brewer to celebrate I pulled a gift from SSF of The Local Mead was created one year prior. Therefore fitting the occasion. I recovered from an extended brewday with this craft honey wine.

The pour presented as a still cloudy blond with sweet aroma. Escaping with the aroma the was warm yeast with floral notes. The finish was dry with a touch of wild flower. I liked its mouth feel coating and sweet. Unlike malt honey is lighter on the tongue. I had found inspiration to brew its rival thus ending the brewday on a good note.

Stuck Mash Stuck Sparge
Local Mead by

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