North Texas Homebrewers Association

North Texas Homebrewers Association –NTHBA
Time to step it up and join the ranks of organized home brewers. My local club the North Texas Homebrewers Association – has a long standing membership of great brewers. The club has been around since 1985. Last year I joined to receive the brewers discounts and could be seen hovering around meetings sampling homebrew. The social aspect helped me find comfort as a homebrewer. This group of like minded friends has been a blessing. In 2012 I'll serve as club secretary. The note taking and editorial responsibilities will be made fun. We are expecting to be the best home brewing club around. I’ve started with my own alias.

"TheMacheteMasher" shall be my moniker.

Yes, I mash with a machete. The idea arrived out of necessity during a brewday and I have been slicing the grist ever since. The ladies and gents of NTHBA have seen my random and experimental style of brewing. I’d like to think I’m making better beer and learning along the way. The masters of style are insisting I brew within BJCP guidelines and practice consistently.

I’ll continue working with my Kolsch recipe. I would like to see it brilliantly clear. The fruitiness is spot on but the color could be lighter on the SRM scale. The next piece of work will be the my Saison. I’ve stumbled for precision but every Saison I’ve brewed has its demons: excessive body, low phenols, overly hopped, etc. The Saison style is forgiving of such but I’d like a more repeatable process. As for the experimental brews I’ll continue hacking with random yeast. The goal is to have fun while brewing.

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