Closed Blow-Off Fermentation

DIY Closed Blow-Off Fermentation System

After several attempts I’ve decided to put an end to fermentation blow-off clean up. The prior tubing-in-a-jug system would eventually overflow leaving yeast krausen for clean up. The new system is larger with a narrow foot print. Using 4 inch piping, end caps, #3 stoppers with additional air locks the new system can hold 4 times the volume. I chopped 10' feet of piping and made five overflow chambers at ~$8 each. The bottoms are sealed with PVC cement while the tops are capped allowing for easy clean up and yeast collecting.

Radical Brewing by Randy Mosher
Sanded De-burred Edges Fermentation System
Gluing the End Cap Fermentation System
Closed Blow-Off Top Cap Drilling 3/4 bit
Fermentation System Assembled
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Radical Brewing by Randy Mosher

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