Bottling Day

Home brew beer Bottling

Running low on keg space and needing to clear out some kegs approaching empty today was a day of bottling. Rather than taking a dreaded approach I've prepared to gift these bottles to the people who encourage my efforts. The Christmas season of giving is here so if you've made the list enjoy and let me know what you think.

My process for bottling has simplified meaning I don't unless it's needed. My beers are finished in the keg and goes into bottles as inventory control. I've thought of corking and aging but I've not geared up. The 750ml bottles seem great for the specialty sours and experimental brews. They require greater patience than my kegged beers also corking is an extension of this elegance. A secondary plus using larger bottles saves time on bottling day. The 12 ounce bottles are more laborious: wash in the sink, sanitize in a deep pot, fill in a shallow pot, then cap with a crown. The overflowing remains are captured as elixir for my toil. I like to think of it as a sustainable measure lowering the brewhouse carbon footprint.

Homebrew Bottling Washing

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