Bochet Mead

Mead Soaked Strawberries
A mead makers breakfast: local honey fermented bottled and aged served on strawberries.
What remains is my inspiration to do a caramelized mead. Bochet – a mead where the honey is burned to yield toffee, chocolate, marshmallow flavors before adding water.

Czworniak – a traditional Polish mead uses 1 part honey to 3 parts water. In keeping my process simple I would follow this recipe. After the caramelized reduction I added water to cool and pitched a healthy amount of champagne yeast. Making mead was much easier than I had expected. The work begins with maintaining a nutrient rich fermentation. I am expecting things to finish around 11%ABV. While not a Sack Mead with much higher starting gravity. The creation has the flavor of toffee with an aroma of spring. There are some interesting syrup notes but the mead should be enjoyable in the coming years.

1 gal Honey
3 gal Water
4 tps Yeast & Nutrient
Local Honey Mead Making Mead
Caramelized Honey ReductionBochet Czworniak Mead

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  1. lookin' good - i'm interested to see how this turns out!