Saison Dupont

Homebrew Belgian Saison Dupont

This beer has a long history as it's been a roller coaster to maturity. The brewday and fermentation went well but finishing presented my first mistake. I had primed the keg with too much sugar. I added double the amount needed for carbonation. The first fix was to drain a couple pints assuming the sugar had fallen to the bottom. After carbonating the beer was alcoholic and strong! The profile had a Saison essence with the flavor of a Belgian Strong Ale. After months in the keg the beer went flat (popit pressure loss). I dry hopped and force carbonated. The results were better but still not like any Saison I had tasted. The dry hops had thrown the profile into a Witbier with a kick category. I had lost a good beer but committed to finishing the creation. After a while the beer began to exhibit classic Saison character. The aroma was citrus forward with hints of malt. The flavor was a complex mix of grapefruit and lemon to accent and peppery somewhat there a drying finish. The body was medium with moderate carbonation. This brew offered more than I could imagine from a simple brewday.

It posses a magic I may never recreate. The bottled remains shall be missed they are gone!

Saison Dupont Homebrew in Duvel Glassware

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