First Place & 3rd

Limbo Challenge Session Beer Competition Metals

What a surprise two awards for my homebrew! The first place in the wood aged category goes a dry stout I had brewed and rested on oak chips. The flavor profile of this beer after the oak was exceptional woody followed by a dry vanilla finish. The 3rd place metal was an all-grain rendering from the Kolsch recipe I've been developing. This was my third brew. Once the beer cleared, allowing the beer to mature presented a German style with light fruitiness and clean finish. I admired most finding my way into the style after several attempts. There was still some chill haze to work out in the mash but I can rest easy that the recipe is solid.


  1. awesome, congrats!

  2. SSF, I was quite surprised. Again continue the posts at I am digging the progress! By the way, I am warming up to sour beer my next attempt will be an Oud Burin/Flanders Brown Ale.