Fermenting With Oak

Toasted Oak Before After
Fermenting With Oak Carboy

Decided to revisit Double Deuce Brewing with some oak in the fermentation. The ale produced is a Strong Scotch Ale inspired by Traquair House Ale. What I liked about Traquair was it's clean well balanced finish. The beer has a rich malt presence with an acute alcohol warming finish. The sweetness reminds you of Scottish ales without the palate coating malt. Traquair is exceptional in this regard. Wanting to brew with this intention my brewing techniques would be challenged to produce a smooth finishing beer. While formulating the recipe I thought Deuce Brewing would offer great kettle caramelization. I changed the boiling schedule running a smaller boil inside and the remaining on the brew rig. I wanted to control the caramelizing process at the stove-top while maintaining a brewer's boil outside. The first boil commenced for three hours and the second for two allowing me to cool as one batch. The resulting wort is the clearest I've produced with less trub in the transfer. For fermentation I thought oak would accent the malt with hints of wood. I toasted some the sticks in the oven and pitched them into the carboy.
Traquair House Ale—33/52
Traquair House Ale—33/52 by nagzi, on Flickr
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