Farmhouse Rye

Farmhouse Style Rye Beer

As a way to beat the summer heat I've been brewing session beers. The brews should allow full insight on malts and recipe formulation. This beer is a 5% rye beer brewed with two row malt and wheat extract. The yeast was collected from SSF Trappist Weisse bottle dregs. The Trappist yeast is over the top complex. I'm getting earthy tarts accentuated with banana and bubble gum esters. Fermented cool the Farmhouse Rye finished as a balanced beer with some yeasty character. It's best served without rousing the settlement. The rye is showcased in flavor and aroma with medium body. There is no hop aroma but there is lingering bubble gum spice character supporting the sour rye. I'm also getting some light sulfur funk which should be avoided. The flavor is grassy from the rye with a balanced sour tartness. The beer finishes like a sweet-tart but there are some things to clean up next brew. I'll start by kicking out the wheat extract and brewing with all grains.


  1. looks tasty- glad those dregs worked out for you! my rye saison turned out pleasantly tart as well, which overwhelms the rye spiciness but makes for a great summer beer. also, any sulphur notes may disappear after a little more time in the bottle.

  2. Thanks again for the SSF bombers. I'll set some bottles deep in the cellar to see what develops.