Cider No.1

Crispin Lansdowne Cider

Crispin Lansdowne caught my attention while pondering my next brewday. I was thinking of brewing a vanilla stout but was distracted by Crispin's cider fermented with Irish Stout Yeast. The bottle had a considerable amount of sludge which made it even more promising. I could culture the yeast and homebrew a stout with commercial yeast. I would use apple juice as the starter providing the yeast a consistent medium. The experiment quickly dissipated as the yeast were no longer viable. After I week with no activity I pitched some Belgian yeast and was fermenting my first cider within hours. Post fermentation had 7 bottles of still cider without hint of carbonation. Each was given some priming sugar and a shot of yeast to bottle condition. The resulting cider is sparkling like champagne with no head retention. Far from a sweet traditional cider the flavor is sour like someone decided to ferment oxidized granny smith apples. Not bad for my first attempt but a creation by experimentation.
My First Cider

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