Beer and Ruh

Beer Wort Aeration
When it comes to brewing beer at home I feel there should be no limits. The homebrewer should be to open experimentation and beer styles are only outlined Cliff Notes on malt character. I'm an advocate of learning to brew great beer. However, I'm strongly apposed to the confines of classic styles. I've read Jamil's book and others. I've gathered those tools so that I may become a better brewer.

My latest beer as an interesting take on a saison using bottled cultured Sterkens White Ale yeast.

The yeast showed promise throughout the growth phase yielding a ruh beer with a some spicy notes and a touch of bubble gum aroma. The notion of brewing a witbier with the yeast was surpassed in favor of a neutral brew for experimentation. The grain bill was heavy on the pilsner malt with equal parts CaraMunich, Wheat, and beer sugar. The color is tan or rather 9SRM. For bittering German Hersbrucker hops accompanied  Sterling hops for flavor and aroma.

In my head this would yield a saison base with a less than noble approach to hops. The 1.060 gravity concoction is currently fermenting. I am anxious to taste the results. I'm shooting for a pleasant finishing warm beer. After fermentation I'll have a better handle on what was brewed.

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