Belgian Yeast Lab

Yeast Bottle Harvested Belgian Ale
An empty bottle collection of Belgian Ale has sparked an inspirational yeast harvesting. The bottles were bone dry before I'd decided to harvest. The challenge would be to build the cultures slowly and not stress the already fading yeast. I made a starter at 1.020 and added 2 ounces to each bottle. The bottles showed activity after day two. Another round of wort was added and at day six the cultured yeast was transferred to pint glassware.

Bottle Harvested Yeast.jpg
Three of the five samples survived. The others did not pass inspection.
Saison Dupont
Sterkens White Ale
Ommegang Witte
Blanche de Bruxelles -discarded
Witkap Pater -discarded
Belgian Bottle Harvest Collection

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