Yeast Library

Yeast Library

I've collected a small library of yeast. As yeast-washer my take on yeast is to discard after the third use. The low viability and risk of contamination is usually not worth the additional effort. I advocate buying fresh yeast and building up a starter after the 3rd generation.

Yeast on hand:
London ESB 1968
Scottish Ale 1728
Witiber 400 -discard
American Ale 1056
British Ale 1098 -discard
German 1007
Wheat 3068 -discard
Bohemian Lager 2124 -discard
High Gravity Ale P099 -discard

The discarded yeast has passed it's prime. The remaining will be washed and saved another two weeks. The process: shake the jar, allow less viable yeast to settle 30 minutes, pour off half and refill with fresh wort. The washing wort is low gravity Pilsen malt exact & yeast nutrient pre-boiled and cooled to a gravity of 1.020.

The wash day provides some interesting near beer for tasting. The beer geek breakfast bellow is a Pilsner from White Labs P099 High Gravity Ale.

Yeast Library Beer

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